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Self-Mini Storage Unit plus two apartments

Self-Mini Storage Unit For Sale: The Ambergris Caye Self-Mini Storage Unit plus 2 apartments, on the Lagoon, 1 mile south of San Pedro Town on Ambergris Caye. Two large apartments plus 14 self storage units. The largest of the apartments is 2,000 sq. ft with two bedrooms and two bathrooms. The second unit is 1,500 sq feet with two bedrooms two bathrooms.

Overlooking the beautiful lagoon from the apartments

Overlooking the beautiful lagoon from the rental apartments

The storage units are also suitable for golf carts and, at the renters’ expense, can be wired for electricity. Many choose to rent space while they are off the island for a few months, to store golf carts and other important personal property. These units are safe for furniture, appliances, construction materials or whatever clients may need to store.

Generate additional income with 14 self storage units

Generate additional income with 14 self storage units

Boasting solid concrete construction, pilings to bedrock, aluminum doors and a gated entry Ambergris Caye Self – Mini Storage offers a very secure facility.

Asking $600,000 US

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