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Mixed use Multiplex

For Sale:  This Great opportunity for rental income  on Ambergris Caye, with or without owner’s occupancy. This 7 unit residential and commercial multiplex has 6 residential units – one 3 bed/2 bath unit, one 2 bed/1 bath units and four 1 bed/1 bath studio units – plus a ground floor commercial unit currently leased out as a grocery store. Over 6,000+ sq ft including exterior veranda space. Approximate monthly rental income of $3,500 US.

Ground floor commercial

Ground floor commercial unit

The property is located in the San Pablo area of San Pedro Town about 1.5 miles south of town center – less than 10 minutes by golf cart or bicycle.

The multiplex contains 6 residential units and one commercial unit.

The multiplex contains 6 residential units and one commercial unit.

The Neighborhood was a local neighborhood but with many new, high quality homes being built and an influx of “gringos” who recognize the undervalued nature of this area compared to the beachfront prices just a few blocks away.

Asking $675,000 US

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Code: cbr348

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