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Coco Beach 6C

For Sale: This great opportunity, a two Bed/ One Bath Condo, located in Coco Beach Resort, one of San Pedro’s most elite resorts, 3.5 miles North of San Pedro Town on Ambergris Caye.

Pool at the Coco Beach Resort

Pool at the Coco Beach Resort

Third floor offers privacy as well as Great skyline views of the entire property, large free form pool, sunrises and sunsets. Large windows allow for great sunlight which highlights the amazing Belizean hardwood finishing found on the high vaulted ceilings and around the entire unit.

Balinese furniture and a fully equipped kitchen

Balinese furniture and a fully equipped kitchen

Balinese furniture and a kitchen fully equipped with all stainless steel appliances makes this condo a unique must see unit.

Asking $370,000 US

To contact Southwind Properties for this Real Estate offer
Code: south0108

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