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3rd Row Lots at Spanish Reef

Lots for sale. 3rd Row Lots now available for sale,  just 4.5 Miles North of San Pedro Town on Ambergris Caye, Lots 29 and 30 in the Spanish Reef subdivision; the front boundary of these lovely and lush side-by-side 50 x 100 lots are only 230 feet from the Sea.

Only 230 feet from the Sea

Only 230 feet from the Sea

With Lot 29 being directly adjacent to the right of way down to the Beach. Lovely beach homes and a beautiful, high-end development located just north add to the value and ambiance of this area.

High and dry land, just 4.5 miles north of town

High and dry land, just 4.5 miles north of town

Buy either lot or the two together at a discount for a great 100 x100 parcel for your dream home!! Buy one for $55,000.

Asking $104,000 US

To contact Coral Beach Realty for this Real Estate offer
Code: cbr528

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