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Fabulous Views From Waterfront Lot, Caye Caulker

For Sale: Waterfront property right in Caye Caulker Village doesn’t come on the market too often, especially at a price like this! In the interest of facilitating a quick sale, we have counseled the Seller to offer this property at a price very close to market value… a price that will be sure to entice a Buyer to move quickly.

Waterfront property in Caye Caulker Village

Waterfront property in Caye Caulker Village

The property is located right in Caye Caulker Village, in a residential area and measures 57′ along the sea by 90′ back.  A golf cart track runs along the sea, providing access to several bridges (the local name for a dock or pier) in the area. There is a bridge in front of the lot next door, right at the property line. If you had a boat, arrangements could easily be made to keep it there…

The sunsets on the west side of Caye Caulker are amazing.

The sunsets on the west side of Caye Caulker are amazing.

There is currently a wood house on the property, but the house is NOT included in the sale. The house belongs to a tenant and he is aware that the property is being sold. The new owner of the property would have three options in regards to the house. If you wanted to build your own house, the tenant will move his house to another location. If you wanted to buy the house, the tenant will consider selling it to you. Or the tenant is willing to continue to lease the property and you collect the rent.

Asking $83,000 US

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